Volvo Sustainability

Explore the Steps Towards Volvo Cars Sustainability with Jim Fisher Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars is on a mission to become climate neutral by 2040. How does an automaker accomplish such a feat? Success starts with an ambitious climate plan. Volvo Cars aims to reduce emissions across the Volvo lineup, and a major part of that goal involves electrifying the Volvo fleet. With plans to make 50 percent of annual car sales purely electric by 2025 and making up the difference with hybrids, Volvo Cars is pushing towards making a more positive impact on the environment.

Electrifying the Volvo Lineup

You can already see the fruits of Volvo engineers' labor when you explore our inventory here at our dealership. Many of your favorite Volvo models are now available as EVs, hybrids, or plug-in hybrids, meaning that Volvo Cars is already on the path towards realizing the electrifying goals for the lineup. Relying more on electricity helps to cut back on emissions, which means that the Volvo lineup will have less and less of a negative impact on the environment as time forges on.

Reducing Emissions

Leaving a smaller carbon footprint means cutting back on the practices that harm the environment. On the way towards the 2040 goal, Volvo Cars aims to reduce the carbon footprint per vehicle by 40 percent by 2025. That's a major stepping stone on the way to the 2040 finish line, and it's one that we're excited about here at Jim Fish Volvo Cars.

Improved Sustainability

Circular economy is also one of the goals that fits into the greater plan for going climate neutral by 2040. That means that Volvo Cars strives to cut back on waste and put more effort towards using recycled and bio-based materials. That way, it's easier to make the end of one car's lifecycle part of the beginning of another.

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Find out more about the steps that Volvo Cars is taking towards reshaping the Volvo lineup and pushing towards greater sustainability. We're proud to be a part of this endeavor, and we look forward to helping you find the right new Volvo model for your needs here at our dealership.