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Innovation Drives Volvo Cars

The Volvo Cars brand has never been one to sit idly by while opportunity drifts away. Finding new ways to improve the Volvo lineup so that drivers everywhere can enjoy the comfort and confidence that come with getting behind the wheel of a new Volvo vehicle has always been the goal. Innovation is woven into the very fabric of Volvo Cars, and it's this constant push towards being better for the sake of Volvo drivers that sets the Volvo Cars brand apart even from other leaders in the industry.

So, what does the future hold? Innovation is part of the past that got the Volvo lineup to where it is now, but where do we go from here? Here is a quick overview of the exciting steps forward that Volvo Cars has in store.

An Ongoing History of Safety

Safety has been a major part of Volvo Cars since the beginning in 1927. Today, it's no different. Volvo Cars is constantly pushing towards making Volvo vehicles as safe as possible so that you can feel good about getting behind the wheel. Revolutionizing vehicle safety is an ongoing goal for Volvo Cars, and it's one that has been ramping up. This commitment to safety saw the game-changing three-point seatbelt that originated with Volvo Cars in 1959 and changed the automotive industry, but stopping there was never an option.

An Electrified Future

The plan is to make a major shift towards electrified vehicles that makes half of global annual Volvo vehicle sales fully electric with the rest of sales being comprised of hybrid models by 2025. The first totally electric Volvo model, the Volvo XC40 Recharge, is already available, and it's but the first step in a thrilling march towards a zero-emission, battery-powered future.

Another goal is to improve connectivity through infotainment innovations. With a wide range of connectivity features powered by Google, along with a variety of other Volvo services, new Volvo vehicles will connect with drivers on an even greater level.

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