Get Peace of Mind When You Schedule Volvo Service in Portland, OR

Staying on top of your Volvo repair and maintenance is essential to its performance and condition. While it's natural to fall behind occasionally, following user manual recommendations for routine maintenance will ensure you get the most out of your car. It can also keep you safe on roads around Portland, OR. The Jim Fisher Volvo team wants to make vehicle upkeep as easy as possible, so we've put together a list of some of the most important services you should know. Find them below our convenient online scheduler portal. 

While our hours of operation will remain the same, we are reducing the number of employees on to minimize contact. Our managers are committed to providing the quality service you expect, with safety as top priority.

In our service department, surfaces are regularly wiped clean with disinfectant solutions. The doors to our service advisor stations are automated, providing hands free access. Our technicians are using rubber gloves when touching customer's vehicles. In addition, we are keeping extra doors open during our business day to increase air flow.
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Air Filter Replacement

Your engine depends on a clean air filter to remove debris and impurities that could cause clogs and sluggish performance. Changing this filter as needed improves fuel economy and can increase the lifespan of your engine.

Oil and Coolant Levels Check

Low levels of oil and coolant can damage your engine. You'll want to have them checked regularly according to recommendations in your user's manual. Even if you're only driving around Ridgefield, these fluids can run low, but it's especially important to check them if you plan on taking a long road trip.

Tire Care

Keeping your tire pressure at recommended levels will help them last longer. It can also provide a smoother and safer ride. Check tire depth occasionally, and be sure to replace them if you see bald spots or significant overall wear.

Light Bulb Replacement

It may seem minor, but you should inspect the headlights, tail lamps, turn signals, and brake lights every so often. Burnt-out bulbs can be a real hazard.

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