The Volvo XC90 here at Jim Fisher Volvo Cars Portland is an impressive-looking vehicle. It has sleek lines, sporty features, and a design that screams "class." But what about the exterior?

  1. Headlights: The headlight on this car are designed to be powerful yet not blinding. You can see clearly in front of you while driving in Portland, OR at night with these headlights.
  2. Turn Signals: This vehicle has turn signals integrated into side mirrors for convenient use when changing lanes or turning corners. No need to stick your arm out the window!
  3. Emblem: The blue emblem on the back of this car says luxury. It stands out and makes people ask "What does that stand for? What is it?" You can feel proud driving around in this vehicle because it shouts class and sophistication.
  4. Bumpers: This car has bumpers with a black accent to give it a sleek look. You can see this from the interior as well.
  5. Wheels: The rims of this vehicle are silver and shiny to give it a nice touch on the exterior. They fit with the theme of its body very nicely.
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