Android Auto is a new technology that will be introduced to the market in 2016. It's designed specifically for use with Android phones and Google-powered cars, but it can also work with non-Google powered vehicles if they have an infotainment system installed.

What is it?

Android Auto is a new type of software, designed specifically for use in compatible cars, that provides the user with an Android-powered interface to control certain infotainment features while you're driving. The phone itself will have no access whatsoever to the auto's controls, so it doesn't matter what you happen to have physically attached to your vehicle.

What does it do?

The basic functions of Android Auto are similar to that of an infotainment system found in some newer cars, but with one distinct difference: It will only use Android apps. The idea is that if the software is built to use only apps from the Play Store, Google can ensure a higher level of compatibility and better safety features.




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