When you're driving around Portland, OR, or Washougal, WA, do you ever see the tires on cars that are shiny and wondered how they get that way? They look like something you would see in Jim Fisher Volvo Cars Portland showroom. The shine is the result of the maintenance that keeps the tires in top-quality condition.

If you want tires that have longevity, start by making sure they are cleaned periodically. Use soap and water and a scrub brush to remove the dirt and grime from the tire sidewalls. A product that is specifically designed to clean your tires is helpful but not necessary. The same cleaning solution used to wash your car is sufficient.

Allow the tire to dry. Then, apply an even amount of tire protectant to the sidewall. Tire protectant gives the tire the shine that you see. For best results, apply several layers and allow the tire to dry between applications. Repeat as many times as needed to get your desired outcome.

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