Our automotive experts at Jim Fisher Volvo Cars Portland are always happy to provide Portland, OR drivers with useful information that helps their vehicles run efficiently. Your vehicle's motor oil is an essential component when it comes to engine function, and it's important that you choose an oil with the right viscosity.

Motor oil viscosity refers to how thin or thick the oil is. Motor oils with low viscosity are thinner and flow faster than motor oils with high viscosity. It's best to use the recommended oil viscosity in your owner's manual. The ideal oil viscosity for your engine will provide adequate support and lubrication when it's hot.

If you're reading motor oil viscosity ratings, you'll notice a "W" in the rating. The "W" stands for the motor oil's viscosity in cold weather. To ensure that your engine performs at its best, be sure to use the correct grade for your engine. If you use a motor oil with a viscosity that's too low or high, it can hinder performance.

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