Want to stay safe on the road? Who doesn't? Now with the Volvo XC60, you can increase your chances of remaining safe on the road as you take advantage of the many groundbreaking and high-tech advantages that the new Volvo XC60 brings.

One of the most remarkable safety features included with the Volvo XC60 is called City Safety With Steering Support. This mechanism assists your driving with emergency braking and gentle steering to help guide you out of harm’s way. Whether it is a large animal on the loose or a situation in which you have come too close to hitting a pedestrian that is walking, the Volvo XC60 has you covered.

Another impressive safety feature showcased in the Volvo XC60 is the Drive Alert Control function. This system allows the vehicle to sense your own personal driving techniques, and as such, to be able to determine when you may need to pull over and take a break.

All of these functions and more lead to safer and happier driving while out on the road.

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