If you can't see the forest for the streaks in your windshield, wiper blade replacement is probably a great idea. Replacement before and after winter is advisable, especially if the miles you log take you into places where weather is inclement and road conditions are less-than-perfect.

Reasons to Replace Windshield Wiper Blades

Our Jim Fisher Volvo Cars Portland service techs have a long list of reasons why you should let us replace your windshield wiper blades at least once per year. However, the four main reasons to do so include wiper blade streaking, skipping, splitting, and squeaking.

The last is a sound effect that indicates a brittle or compromised wiper blade. The former three reasons all correspond to wiper blades that are weak, brittle, eroded, cracked, or torn.

Cause of Wiper Blade Breakdown

General usage, UV light, cold, friction, and oil are among the top causes of windshield wiper blade breakdown. Debris and moisture are two other common culprits. Since few of these causes can be avoided, better to replace windshield wiper blades before they begin to seriously affect your driving visibility.

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