Volvo has a fully redesigned wagon that has been praised by drivers and critics for its class and sophistication. The exterior is beautiful with a brand-new grille and headlamp design. The V60 Inscription trim offers the highest performance for the wagon class, and it includes two different engine trims to choose from. The T5 offers a supercharged engine that gets decent horsepower, but if you want the most performance from your wagon, you’ll pick the T6. This ultimate premium version gets 316 horsepower.

You’ll love how it feels to drive the Inscription and cruise along with amazing horsepower and speed. With the four-door design, spacious interior, and cargo space, it’s one of the best options if you want space and comfort in a wagon style. Ranked highly for its class, you’ll love the performance, reliability, and interior options with the latest V60 Inscription trim.

The driver assistance features are also included in the T5 and T6 versions of the Inscription. The difference is in the engine upgrades between supercharged and turbocharged power. Want to test out the performance of the Inscription? Take a test drive when you visit Jim Fisher Volvo Cars today.



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