The tires are your car's connection to the road. However, for safety and performance, your tires need to be in good condition to keep you moving down the road. Checking tire pressure and tread are two ways to ensure they will perform as needed.

Underinflated tires generate a lot more heat and this can damage the tire's structure. In some cases, this leads to dangerous blowouts. Checking tire pressure is easy with a tire gauge. The levels should match the ones listed in the car's manual or on the door jamb. Always read when the tires are cold for the best accuracy.

The treads on your tires are what gives the car traction. Worn tires mean less traction. Check the tire treads for a cross-tread pattern. That's a sign you need to replace the tires immediately. You can bring your car to Jim Fisher Volvo Cars in Portland, OR to get new tires installed today.

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