Before adding anything to the cargo area of your SUV, you should clean it out. Remove any trash that you see as well as any items that will take up space that you don't need to keep inside your vehicle. If needed, fold down the back seats so that you have more space for the items you're hauling in Portland, OR.

If you know that you need to be somewhere at a certain time, then consider packing your SUV the night before. You won't feel as rushed when you begin putting everything in your vehicle so that you can take your time making sure the items are secure. You can visit Jim Fisher Volvo Cars Portland to get equipment that can be used to secure items in your SUV.

When you start putting items into the back of your SUV, place larger items against the back of the rear seat. This will give them the support that they need while you're traveling. Lighter items can be positioned on the sides to keep them from falling out of the vehicle when you open the tailgate.

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