This has to be one of the most popular questions we get at Jim Fisher Volvo Cars, especially since people are always looking for ways to help their car stand up to local Portland, OR weather.

The word wax refers to hydrocarbons that are hard and at least somewhat solid at room temperature. If you've ever seen palm wax or lip balm, then you've already got a pretty good handle on what car wax looks like.

Good quality natural waxes tend to look bright yellow while more common varieties look a bit duller. Regardless of the color, though, the wax will form an invisible barrier if it's applied correctly and then buffed off with a good artificial chamois.

Once it's in place, natural wax should provide protection to water and UV rays for around three or four months. Synthetic wax can usually last up to a year's worth of time, depending on how often you drive your vehicle and what kind of conditions you take it through.

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