The Volvo V90 is a luxury wagon that is well-rounded with a variety of features, which is why it's so popular among shoppers. At Jim Fisher Volvo Cars, we like to help Portland drivers research our models, so if you're interested in the V90, you can check out its versatility below.

Backing up in tight spots and crowded parking lots can be tricky, but the Park Assist Camera can help you maneuver with confidence. The camera is housed just over the license plate and sends an image to the integrated driver's information screen so that you can see what's behind your V90. This feature also comes with on-screen guiding lines so that you can back up with ease.

The Sensus Navigation System offers precise directions that are shown on the driver display and center display. This system also offers current traffic information and alternate routes. With the Volvo On Call app, you can send saved points of interest from your mobile device to the Sensus Navigation System.



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